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Comedy Promotion

When I produced my first comedy show 5 years ago, I didn't just level up my performing. I hired myself as my creative director. Through my own comedy work, I learned key lessons in how to make a creator's vision a commercial success.


When I left Austin, I was the highest-grossing producer in the 12-year history of ColdTowne Theater.  Here are some examples of how I found and exploited shows' unique selling points.

CASE STUDY, 2019: 

Weird Gay Vibes

LGBTQ comedy team Martini Ranch sought a wildly silly voice for our fourth and final revue. Our initial audition had happened the month after the 2016 election, and after three years, we had grown exhausted of the pressure to make statements. This marketing sought to capture the idiosyncratic elements of queer culture in Austin, creating sanctuary from the politicization of queer identity.


FOR SQUARE - Poster copy.png

A sketch comedy show as queer as it is caffeinated



Improvised comedy about history.

Kind of.

Gallery: Print Promotion

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