Touch anything.


In March of 2020, this Addy-award-winning campaign was the most beloved piece of creative in my book. In 2021? Laughably inappropriate. However, I still value it in terms of creativity and execution.

Now entering a 2019 mindset -

Purell Billboards for web.png

When you know 99.9% of germs are killed on contact, nothing seems out of reach. Out of home, print, experiential, and video content build out this campaign, art directed by Kate Mulligan.

Longform (2 min) man on the street content

This video can be watched in full and is also to be chopped up for social media content.


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Interactive Sculpture

 This large sculpture features many different textures which public park goers will love touching. The Purell dispensers at each side, however, remind sticky fingers how many have touched it before them.

Airport Experience:

Cryptic "Touch Me"

This button placed in airport terminals is completely without context. When the curious inevitably touch it, they're reminded: if you go around touching just anything, you better Purell.

Touch Me button copy.jpg
Purell packets copy.jpg

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