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Walmart+ is a new service offering free grocery delivery, shipping, streaming, and more - all benefits that seriously help out new moms.


We enlisted the help of some of the coolest moms in pop culture – Cardi B, Jenny Slate, Janelle James, and Stephanie Beatriz – to provide comedic "mom hacks" in this viral content series, touting Walmart+ as "the ultimate mom hack."


All of our talent rattle off some great jokes in this :90 hero spot.

We highlight the incomparable Cardi B in her solo :30.

Established stand-up comic Janelle James contributed several of her own jokes, like in this :15.

Jenny Slate delivered inspired improvisations with every line, as you can see in this :30.

Stephanie Beatriz shared her favorite mom hacks (and helped moms start adjusting to the soon-to-be everpresent voice of Encanto's Mirabell) in this :15



Our hearts dang-near exploded when Abbott Elementary creator

Quinta Brunson called it "the most powerful campaign of all time"


Social comments were overwhelmingly positive,

as evidenced by this screenshot from Cardi B's Instagram


In addition to trade publications, our cast drew attention from varied media like Essence, Black Enterprise, and Revolt.


Perhaps most movingly, the whole team received personal messages from friends who had loved the videos before even knowing we had a hand in them. Here, my friends who are new moms let me know their teenage son sent them the spot from TikTok.

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